Kim Kardashian's Baby News Is "Influencing" Her Sisters and Their Plans

Yesterday, the amazing news broke that Kim and Kanye are expecting bb number four, and apparently, now the other Kardashian sisters are like "Oh, maybe I want another kid, too."
"Kim having another baby this year is heavily influencing her other sisters and their baby plans," a source told E! News. "They all loved being pregnant at the same time and everyone wants all of the kids to be close in age. Everyone jokes about having another round of 'triplets' all the time."
Kim and Kanye's fourth is reportedly due in early May. Moreover, Kourtney did go through the egg-freezing process recently, so she's clearly thinking about more kids, too.

The sisters loved the experience of having three newborns at the same time, and Kim told E! News that it brought them closer together.

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